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meet Chef Mike

Michael Arron McCray, a New Jersey native with family ties in North Carolina. He  was 6 years old when he began to reflect on what he desired to be as an adult.  While having a conversation with his single mother he realized what he would be, a chef.

Not only would he begin to follow his mom and grandmother's footsteps in the kitchen he also discovered his entrepreneurial spirit from pet sitting to car washing and eventually in his teenage years lawn care.

His Story

Michael began to work legally at the age of 14 starting out as a host and eventually garnering the role of dishwasher.  While watching all the fellas on the cook line from salad to the grill he was determined to follow suit.  His first fine dining experience was at An: New World Cuisine in Cary NC. Eventually he would go on to work as a Contract Chef for Olivier Cheng Catering in NYC. Several opportunities prepared Michael for today’s endeavors such as working the 2015 US Open, Executive Chef for the well known  Melba Wilson of Harlem, The Ryland Inn of Whitehouse Station in NJ. Owner of Bella Soule Creations to  Co-owner and Chef of Kabab N’ More  Charlotte NC.


While there were many different short term jobs  the focus has always been to gain knowledge and this was somewhat of a challenge. While the industry garners so many memorable faces  there have been alot of race wars pertaining to specific positions and often those positions did not allow for certain skin colors.  Pursuant of the Executive Chef role Michael also had the vision of his own restaurant. While that vision was clear he understood one simple rule. Make it Personal. 2011 Michael began his journey as Personal Chef sourcing out clients and marketing to those working individuals with a special occasion planned and So the Occasions grew. Amidst the economy Michael traveled the east coast serving clients in their private homes. The idea was based on building an organic following through the personal touch. Now that time has passed and he decided rebranding was necessary to elevate his vision and craft alike.


Michael Arron Design and Co LLC is the company that allows Michael to follow his passion for food, wine, and clothes all under one roof and Michael is determined to make clear the vision and known the passion he has for the finer foods in life.


I'm always looking for new and exciting  connection and opportunities. Let's connect.

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